Scheduling between 2 process in one environment

Hi Guys,
I am working on two process that are supposed to run 24/7 in same VDI. The client wants to run the process in such a way that if one process is sitting idle it should switch to other one and vice versa. Both the process starts with reading the mailboxes.
I am not sure how to do this, can anyone help me on this.

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I have an idea u create an other process to select a process and schedule the newly created project

Typically, you will create a “project” and that project will consist of various manual tasks. It’s possible that both these “processes” are actually part of the same “project” and therefore would just need the logic to be able to switch between each part of the project based on certain conditions, such as sitting idle. But, that’s just an idea.

Hi Vijay,
I had the same idea at first but the problem comes up on “when should I stop the first process and trigger the next one”. Both are process running 24\7. Both process starts with reading mail. If I give a condition to switch when there is no mails to read then there might be a case where there are a lot of mails to process by Process1 and Process2 is not even triggered.


Hi Clayton,
Both are completely different process. Presently two different teams are working on it manually.The only similarity between the two process is the mail box where they receive the mail.


Sounds like you want a “Manager” workflow that controls when each one runs. Basically, this workflow would have Invoke Workflow File activities for each process. Then, it will need to wait for some event, like a variable is a specific value that is returned from another workflow or maybe it’s just on a timer.

Ideally though you would use a scheduler tool like Orchestrator (CRON expressions) or Windows Task Scheduler that can trigger each process over and over like every so many minutes or hours.

Hi Devbrath,
You can use queue with priority, Fetch 2 process data and add into queue with priority. so system will process accordingly