Scheduling and checking

How can we schedule to read from an excel file till a specific time. For example I want to check if the excel file has reached a folder before 8.45am est. If it is sp the, perform series of steps. Else an error message


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You can create schedule from some specific start time to end time…
And then if the file is present then update an asset value so that the subsequent schedules will
Not run for the day…

So …create a process which when run will first check if already it successfully ran for to day or not…this can be checked by using asset and updating the value of asset to todays date when successful…

Then if not successful then check for the file …if exists perform the steps and set the asset …if does not existes then check if the current time crossed the required time…then throw an error

Now schedule the process to run for every 5 minutes between the time you need

Hope this helps


thanks for the solution. Will try the same.

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