Scheduler Functionality

Hello all,

The Scheduler should have the option to be configured on a daily/weekly/monthly basis on a predefined slot.

For example;

  • run job 1 daily between 1 PM and 3 PM
  • run job 2 weekly on Mondays between 8 AM and 9 AM
  • run job 3 on last working day of every month between 6 PM and 9 PM


Exactly what we would need as well! :heart_eyes:

Great idea stranger :wink:
The scheduler’s features should be similar to those in the windows scheduler.

By this I am referring that the Scheduler should be able to send a “Should Stop” Signal as well when the allocated time ends.

Hi @cristina.chiana,

First thing, were you using an Orchestrator? If yes, then you can schedule jobs as you requested using cron expression. Please follow below link for creating one.

Should stop would work only if you have an Orchestrator.

yes, we are using Orchestrator and I know of the cron expressions.

Problem is that cron tells the process when to start, not when to stop.
Short example, if I have a process with a queue of 1000 cases and I can allocate it just 2 hours per day, if I use cron expression it will tell the process to start between the 2 hours, but it won’t stop when they are done if he hasn’t completed all the cases.

What we will do for now will be to implement a time-check in the script and stop the process when it’s time has come :slight_smile:

Source of requirement: one client has just one license and multiple business areas to make happy per day, meaning more processes to run within a limited timeframe :slight_smile:

Ok. Then the only way I see is use a scheduler and there is an option where you can stop the scheduled run at a particular time (Stop after). Anyway since your data is in queues, it shouldn’t matter at all, the last transaction in the queue will be processed anyway and the next item will at the start of queue next time when schedule is triggered again.

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