Scheduled Jobs not running on time - delayed for about 45 mins

Hello, we are experiencing an issue again regarding scheduled jobs. All jobs are delayed for 45mins. Is there an ongoing issue with UiPath/Orchestrator now?


Refer this , Might be the reason for delay

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Me too!! all my triggered jobs are delayed for 40/45 mins or starts randomly after this delay… @system @loginerror there is a solution? this problem is similar to July 2020 and all triggers don’t work but starting processes manually works…

still experiencing it. Starting Jobs Manually works fine, it’s just those scheduled jobs

thanks, but the timezone is the same in our triggers, machine, and Orchestrator Setting. Our scheduled jobs have no issues yesterday, there were no changes in the setting or deployments. Just happened earlier today until now

Hi @rpa_automation

Are you still experiencing the issue? I think it was a temporary issue that was already resolved.

Hi, will monitor our next schedule jobs.

Hello, I’m also having exactly the same problem too.

it now runs as scheduled, will continue to monitor. May I know what’s causing this issue?

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The problem is now gone, it works great.

It was a small performance hiccup that was spotted and fixed by our team.

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