Scheduled Job Shows Completed but Shows No Record

Hi guys,
I had scheduled a job through Orchestrator on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 12:36 PM. However, the trigger is not working properly even though the job shows that it has been triggered and the next trigger will be in 21 Hours. When I right click to check if there are any Job Logs, I see no record of any job trigger ever.

I am not sure what is wrong. Please see below the required screenshots.
Schedule Window

Job Logs for Slack_Notifications

I am not sure what is the issue here

Hi @abchakraborty

There are some performance issues with UIpath orchestrator community edition and UIPath team is already looking into this.

Please refer the below post.

Thanks @anil5. Any ETA for its resolution?
Also, I see a pattern that if I have two processes, the schedule will run for only one of them. I disable my P1P2 process and ran the Slack_Automation and it started running. But when I re-activated the P1P2 again, the Slack_Automation works but P1P2 still does not.

I can’t provide the exact time, but historically those issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Please periodically check if it got better and keep reporting back in case it doesn’t

Okay, I see. I am facing this since day before yesterday and the pattern remains. I understand that there are limitations with a community edition but this is some how weakening the purpose of automation since time based triggers are super important.
Anyway, thanks for replying. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Everyone, I am seeing severe lags to the schedules of all my jobs. I see the jobs are getting delayed by 7 Hours and 20 Minutes. I know there was some orchestrator issue but is it still on?

Hi @abchakraborty

We alleviated the performance issues of the past few days, but the schedule issue remained. Our team is looking into it.
It might get fixed with the incoming scheduled maintenance of the Orchestrator CE.

Hello, @admin
I came to know that the orchestrator maintenance was completed yesterday, but I still have the delayed schedules. Is it something that cannot be fixed?
Since I have been preparing bots for presentation to my leaders for them to invest in a professional version, this is defeating the proposal totally. If this is something that is permanent, then, in that case, I would not be bugging anyone anymore and try other RPA options.

Appreciate your help!