Scheduled in orchestrator not trigger the task

Hi Team,

I am facing the big challenge here through an orchestrator ,In orchestrator i have scheduled the few XAML Files for a certain time and it trigger at the scheduled Process time when my system/server in open state [Available in system/server] and completed successfully

**But if my system/server in Locked or Disconnect state at the Point of time my scheduled Process in orchestrator will not be trigger but in the “Job” menu is showing status as “Completed” **

So, how to handle the scheduled task when the system in lock state and server in disconnect state through orchestrator ?

Note : I am using UiPath Community Edition Version : 2018.2.3

Can any one help me Here !!!

I don’t think its possible using Community Edition. You may need to get Unattended robot license to use it as Back Office Robot. Just my thoughts. I would let someone else confirm as well.

Rammohan B.

@RaviDevaraj, in some companies because of network security policies when system is idle for certain time then automatically it will be disconnected from network. In your case also… your orchestrator server is serving the instances from server and you are using it in executing machine… now

  1. Please check with your network admin to override network policies if any objecting your execution.
  2. This network disconnection problem is nothing to do with licensing.

To overcome this… I recommend to make a keep alive scrip which will just make a ping command to server and get response for every cycle of execution… just a thought :blush:

This will make your both server and client active.