Scheduled BOT is not working when user logged off from citrix

BOT scheduled in orchestrator is only working when user is logged in to citrix. please advise how to schedule and runBOT when user is not logged in to citrix.

If your UiRobot/Agent host is not registered as a Service on the host machine, then it requires a User to be running the uirobot/agent otherwise you have no Robot process listening for instructions.

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@codemonkee Thanks. That’s gives a light. Can you tell how to check If UiRobot/Agent host is not registered as a Service or not.

Information in the link above should lead you to the details you need to check, and activate if needed. But you can check your Services app, or within task manager to see if the UiPath.Service.Host.exe/ UiPath Robot Service is running in the background.

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