Schedule/Trigger a job

I have a group of Citizen Developers.
Now is that possible to schedule a job for processes written in StudioX? via Assistance or via Orchestrator?


Citizen developers processes are not only meant for attended bots. we can execute those processes are developed by using StudioX through orchestrator via un attended mode. in our organization we have some processes we are executing them through orchestrator via unattended mode. any more questions on citizen developer program please let me know.



What I want to find out if it is possible to schedule a job, so on the specific time the job will start on employee machine as attended automation.

Hi @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka ,

i got your question. yeah scheduling job in orchestrator in un attended mode will create issue for citizen developer machine because it will consume his/her machine while executing the process. instead of we have to create bot VM separately and deploy the citizen developer process in that machine so that un attended execution will not effect citizen developer machine.

if you want go with the same machine as citizen developer developed for execution. if we trigger from orchestrator it will run the process in the citizen developer machine itself.

if you have any other questions related to citizen developer. please let me know.


Hello @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka,

for 90% probability - it’s not possible, because attended automation is invoked by user manually. It cannot be scheduled in the orchestrator.

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yeah i agree with you @artur.stepniak if it is purely attended and user have to do some intervention to complete the process we cannot schedule the process in orchestrator.

but the process doesn’t need any manual intervention to finish the process better we have to run the process as un attended.


Hi All
Thank you or the discussion.
I need to figure out if UiPath support and give a possibility to schedule a job via orch or assistance for Attended automation (and do not discuss here if attended automation will need a human interaction in the meantime)

As for now in Orch in folder which was created for Citizen dev under option Triger I have whats you see on the screen. Job tyoe: Unattended or NonProduction however there is no option to choose on which machine it will run.

Hi @Malgorzata_Niteckakubicka ,

you should have unattended bot license to run the process from orchestrator. you cannot run process if you have attended license only.

if you want to run any process using UiPath orchestrator you should go for unattended bot license or if it is non production environment you should have at least non production robot as license type.

Once you finish the all the details for the trigger like process name, priority level and schedule time trigger you have to select execution target as specific machine to run the process. (before that you should create machine and robot in the orchestrator)


Using the conventional means you cannot accomplish this. It’s just not in the package. You can request it as a feature, of course, but looking at RPA best practices I doubt they will create it. (Never huts to ask for it though, as you do now).

You could create a cheesy workaround, but not sure if it’ll create too much overhead for your purposes:

  • Manually start your atended bot to run on the target machine, regardless of any desired schedul.
  • You rebuild your attended script with an infinite loop that consults the schedule. Easiests to put the schedule in an asset, consult the asset from within the main attended loop
  • if the system date/time meets the schedule requirements you invoke the rest of your process.
    The bot will be running continiously in the background looking for it’s own trigger, and will execute the main content only when the schedule arrives.

Not really using the technology as intended, but this ‘could’ work.
Be sure to check if this is not a license agreement violation though…