Schedule stop and restart

This is my scenario.

I have a process that runs for a long time (could be going for days straight)

However, the system the process uses goes down for a short period of time (an hour ish) every night.

Is there a way to have the bot stop before the system goes down then resume when it is back up? I know the times it goes down and comes back up.

Also, there are other processes that run on a daily basis. I cannot run this process and others at the same time. Is there a way for the bot to check if there are pending jobs in orchestrator, if so, stop and let them run, then continue?

Hi @kasey.betts ,

I would say we would need to understand more on what is your process actually performing, in terms of Pausing/Suspending the workflow and then re-start from the point onwards, we do have some methods, but not sure if it would fit your case, if there are applications involved or if there files involved, it would be complicated or we might not be able to make it work.

Check on Persistence Activities :

This would require you to know the Down time before hand.

For this part, we would ask you to check on the Orchestrator API Calls/Swagger list. It should be possible using it :

If you’re using an Orchestrator time trigger, you could use the “Schedule ending of job execution” feature. Create a new time trigger for the time when the process can be run again.