Schedule process after first completed

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i’ve a question about scheduler on orchestrator, in particular i need to start the “performer” just when the “dispatcher” has finished to work.
I know that with same robot, in the same machine, process 2 starts just when process 1 has finished, but what happened if i have 5 different dispatcher in 5 different machine? How can i start the 5 different performer just when the dispatcher on machine 1 has finished?
The queue sometimes can have some pending items already loaded before the dispatcher run.
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if you put a trigger on queue, it doesn’t work?

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And what about process 3 (report), that i would run just when all 5 performer has finished to work? Is possible to trigger just when they’ve finished?

Hi @andreus91

in this case, you need to know how long it takes to complete the dispatcher. For example it takes 10 Minutes, then schedule the 5 Performer Processes after 10 or 15 Minutes.
Then you need to know how long it takes to complete the 5 Performer processes. Then schedule the Reporting.

You can also use another way:
Create a new queue item in a new queue. This item should be created in the last Performer Process. And when it is finished, you can run the reporting process based on queue.

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Hi Dawodm,
thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately i don’t know the exact processing time of the performer, instead of having different volume transactions everyday.
With one robot is simple scheduling performer1 scheduled at 10.00 → report scheduled 10.01, when performer1 has finished to work, report process start.
But what about 5 different processes in 5 different machines?

Do you want to run reporting for all processes together or for each performer, one reporting should run?

for all performer items worked.

Maybe you can create an asset from type integer. This asset should be always = 0.
You have then to add a stage in your Performer Process to read this asset, get the value and add 1, I mean for example: Your assetname is Counter. Then you have to set: Counter = Counter + 1
And then you have to update the value for your asset. That means, you have to set the Counter in Orchestrator = 1 if it was 0 etc.
You can then schedule your Reporting after each Performer. In the Reporting process you have to check first if the counter = 5. If yes, then go ahead and set the asset Counter = 0. If the Counter is not = 5 (so not all Performer were done), then don’t do anything.
I hope that helps you!