Schedule options



Instead of “Stop after” sometimes i would like to use “stop at”, e.g. stop at 10.
Because if job starts later (because robot was started later because of another running job) job should not run e.g. exatly 4 hours but only until 10 am.
I don’t like to implement a solution in code. An additional option in schedule creation would be great.

In some projects i would like to start a robot e.g. each 30 minutes. But if there is input data job will run some hours. Here an option in schedule creation would be helpful to configure: Don’t go in pending mode, just skip this robot exection if there is no free robot / if robot is not free.


Hi @b_s

  1. This is the current behavior for Stop after option. For example, if you schedule a robot to run a job at 8 with Stop after 2 hours, the job will stop at 10, even if it stayed in a pending state until 9:45.

  2. Not sure if i fully understand this. Do you suggest that the schedule should be disabled if the robot is busy? Or only the execution after each 30 minutes when it’s supposed to start? Because if that’s the case the execution could be skipped for hours/even days.


Hi Ovi.
1.) Ok great, will test it again.
2.) I would like to configure if pending should be used or not. Sometimes it would be better not to create a pending job and just skip this execution if no robot is avaiable.
Otherwise if robot is not free for 3 hours in my example there will be 6 new jobs in waiting status.
Of course in other scenarios pending is very helpful as well so i would suggest an option per schedule if pending should be used or not.


One more thing. There can be maximum one pending job per process/per robot

If I have scheduled the execution every 5 minutes and when first time hit the process takes one hour => after 1h we will end up with one pending job and not 12.