Schedule my Uipath application without Orchestra

I am using the Uipath community and I want to schedule a daily running at a specific time for my application ? Is that possible without using Orchestra?
Could anyone help, please?

Hi @Imene_ZARAI,

I’d recommend using orchestrator whenever possible, but if you really need/want to go around.

You could use windows task scheduler to schedule a powershell script that invokes orchestrator api to start jobs or implement a web application that does the same api call.

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I tried the task scheduler but it didn’t work please could explain more.

So, my suggestion is to create an automated task that calls a powershell script

An alternative, instead of the API, make your script so it invokes uipath from the command line and schedule it… here’s an old topic I found in the forum

Start from command line - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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