Schedule Misfire

How to resolve a Schedule Misfire, and an Error in Event Viewer: System trigger misfire for type [DetectNotRespondingRobotsJob], job [####] is noticed?

The situation when Quartz was incapable of firing a given trigger is called misfire.
Sometimes Quartz is not capable of running a scheduled job at the time. Below are some reasons for the same : 

  1. All worker threads were busy running other jobs (probably with higher priority)

  2. Job triggered late for some reason but misfire event occurred before the job started.  

  3. The scheduler itself was down

Please make below changes to web.config for cause 1 and 2 : 
1.   If the issue is because of  unavailability of worker threads then Increase key="quartz.threadPool.threadCount" value to "15" by default it is set to 10. Please be aware that number of worker threads depends on CPU and OS types.  
2.    Increase key="quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold" value to "90000" by default it is 60000. It defines how late the trigger should be considered misfired.

After making the changes, restart the website from IIS. 

Most probable reason can be a network glitch. But for scheduler down scenario,further investigation is required to detect the root cause.