Schedule bot in 2 machine

We have 1 non production license and 1 un attended license. We need to run a two different bots in two machine. Is that possible.?

As of now, we couldn’t do that, if we logged in one machine , the other one got disconnected.

Could anyone explain whether its correct approach and solution for this?

Can you share your machine templates?

Hi @logesh_kumar1

To run two different bots on two separate machines, you will need to have two unattended licenses. Each unattended license is tied to a specific machine, so you can only run one bot per unattended license on a single machine.

If you have two unattended licenses, you can use them to run one bot on each machine. This should allow both bots to run simultaneously without any issues.


Thanks for the explanation. May I know the use of non production license then?

Hi @logesh_kumar1

A non-production license in UiPath allows users to run and test automation processes on a non-production environment, without incurring additional licensing fees. This license is intended for development, testing, and training purposes only, and is not meant to be used in a production environment.


Thank you so much, Is it possible to run unattended bot using non production license?

Hi @logesh_kumar1

No, it is not possible to run an unattended bot using a non-production license in UiPath.

UiPath requires a valid license to run unattended bots, which are bots that can run tasks without human intervention.


Yes, it is.
Try create other template and allocate no-production license for this one and configure a test environment to use it.
Just remember that the purpose of a non-production license is to use it for test, debbug …


Thank you.

But if I try to signin one machine UiPath assistant , Other one getting disconnected from UiPath assistant?

No. It doesn’t.

Try create other template and let me know if it works