Schedule a process update at a specific time and day

I have a process that is in version 1.01 and I publish version 1.02 and the client asks me that version 1.02 not be put into effect until the weekend. How can I do this? Since I don’t see any way to schedule a version update


For that no need of Schedule
Just once you publish, In the Automations->Processes tab it will show you upgrade button
Don’t upgrade until the weekend and once you want to use the 1.0.2 then you can upgrade that and the same schedule will work for you

Hope this may help you


But if, for example, I want it to be a Sunday morning when no one is working, how could it be done?

  • Create a new “Process” with the new version. (There can be many Processes with different versions of the same Package.)
  • Create a trigger so that it triggers first time on the day you want.
  • Adjust the trigger of the old Process so that it does not run anymore after the new has started.
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