Schedule A Process In Every Four Hours


I am supposed to schedule a process in Orchestrator which should run in every four hours on specific days in a week. Is there any way I can do that?



For this you have to use cron expression.

The format is

second, minute, hour, day, month, weekday

so the correct cron expression should be

0 0 */4 * * *

Hey thanks Lakshman. But can you please tell us how to define on specific days. Like we want to schedule it from the last friday of every month to the second monday of the respective next month.

Read the below article to know more about Cron Expressions.

Hello There,

Please use a below cron expression for last friday of the month,
Exp : 0 15 10 ? * 6L
Desc : Fire at 10:15am on the last Friday of every month

Please use a below cron expression for first monday of the month,
Exp : 0 0 4 ? * 2#1 *


Hi Pankaj,

Could you please help me with a cron expression for the below.
Every 30mins from 11 to 20 except 12 to 13 for only 1st 3 working days of the month.


Hi guys @lakshman

would be possible make a Cron expression which fire a job every hour and a half, since 8:30 am till 19:00 pm?

I’ve made this, but actually the job is fired every hour at minute 30

0 30-0/90 8-19 ? * MON-FRI


Please check below thread and try that expressions.

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What I did?

  • 0 30 8,11,14,17 ? * MON-FRI Schedule A

  • 0 0 10,13,16,19 ? * MON-FRI Schedule B

Doing this I got my job running every 1 hour and half, from 8:30 untill 19:00, from Monday to Friday.