Scenario for custom activity

Hi Friends,
please suggest the scenario where we should make custom activity for that.


There can be many scenarios depending on your needs, you can create a simple activity even to sum 2 numbers or you can create a very complex activity like interacting with Google API’s or sending a text message, doing image processing.

It’s completely up to you and on your project needs! :grinning:

Refer the link, they have explained in detail with a example

I will say think of some scenario which is repeating many times and to complete that particular task you may need to write a lot of lines of code or some other work around each time. You can think of creating a custom activity for this kind of scenarios . (Eg: let’s say you have to do some string operation like string split or replace or merge with some other strings while developing one of your automation project and you have identified that this operation you may need to do in many of your other automation projects. You can create a custom activity for this operations and use this custom activity in all your projects and if you feel this will help other people you can even share in UiPath Go ).

Hope you got some idea now!

Refer this link if want to know how to create custom activity: