Scenario Business Case

Hi Team,

Business scenario is if invoice related to UK Take screenshot of Customer, Take screenshot of Payment
If invoice is related to US along with above two screenshot take screenshot of bank st as well…

Please help…you to use if with screenshot cond

How can you differentiate whether the invoice is from UK or US @jimmy_jos1?

If it possible, then use as

Assuming the invoice name contains UK or US

if Invoice.Contains( “UK”) then

do the two steps, or in the else condition, place three activities

@HareeshMR the master sheet column A will be country…on the basis of country …

Can you please send some screenshot or xaml file related to if scenario for my reference that would be really helpful

Then it is very easy @jimmy_jos1


@HareeshMR Else would be blank?

No, if it is UK, take two screenshots, else it will be US right?

If you have country names more than two ( US and UK), then use two different If conditions to check US and UK

@HareeshMR I have three country…UK, US , India

how should I do it

Simply use two if conditions as above.

Check for US in one and UK in another. Leave else condition as blank @jimmy_jos1

@HareeshMR India on third if conditions?

I hope you need to check for US and UK, if you want to operate anything for the country INDIA also, then use third if condition

let me try…will get to you in case i am stuck here

Yeah sure @jimmy_jos1