SCCM command line for UIPathStudio.msi 22.4 is not working

Thank you so much for your response. We are looking forward for the resolution of this :slight_smile:

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We’ve downloaded UIPathStudio.msi v2021.10.4 which is installs fine in user account but not in SCCM command line. I’ve followed the some solution provided in the page but still the same issue.

@timothy.martinez - Is the issue resolved for you with latest version ?

Thank you.

Try to install UiPath Studio 2022.10.3

It seems that this bug was fixed: “Installations didn’t complete successfully when performed in mass deployments through SCCM.

Reference: 2022.10.3

A few things. We have suffered with this problem for over a year with no success.

The answer for us was as follows.

  1. First, the SCCM fix was introduced in 2022.10.3 so make sure you are using that are newer. in our case, we are using 2022.10.5.
  2. We found that SCCM can install on a clean machine using 2022.10.5. Clean meaning NO UiPath software on it or ever installed on it.
  3. So our fix to get SCCM delivery to work was: (please note that to do this cleanup we had to use local admin access unfortunately, but once we did cleanup the software could be installed by the user using the install for only the user).
  • Uninstall UiPath Studio from Programs/Features (this includes removing Studio AND UiPath Platform Installer apps which seems to no longer be used and might be part of the need for cleanup)

  • Reboot

  • Delete any UiPath keys under HKLM\Software and HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node

  • Delete any UiPath folders under %LOCALAPPDATA% and %APPDATA%

  • Run the UiPath Studio V22.10.5 from Software Center

Command line running via SCCM Package (not applicaton):

msiexec /i “UiPathStudio.msi” MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1 ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Studio,Robot /q /l*vx C:\data\UiPath_Install.log

the command above should be modified to install ADDLOCAL features you want/need and send the log to the location you want.

I’m hoping that the next version from UiPath won’t require cleanup but won’t know until the next version drops.

Thank you Brian. I will be sure to share this with our Product Management team.