SCCM command line for UIPathStudio.msi 22.4 is not working

Check this information: Modify or Uninstall Studio

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Still the main issue lingers. This MSI is proving problematic as it won’t get installed via SCCM as it keeps throwing vague 1603 error. Logs has no help at all. Unless the MSI gets fixed, this will be challenging to be installed for our users.

Provide us with the install log to see the cause of the error.

Do you have an email I can send it to? As it is not allowing me here to upload the log file as it says I am only a new member.

Upload to and share the link.

Encountered error:

Telemetry.DesktopMsiInstaller.Error - Sent:False, Event:
{"Data":{"Message":"System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: path1\r\n   at System.IO.Path.Combine(String path1, String path2)\r\n   at System.IO.Abstractions.PathWrapper.Combine(String path1, String path2)\r\n   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.Domain.Configuration.FilesConfiguration.ConfigFilesProvider.GetUiPathConfigPath()\r\n   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.InstallationTasks.SetProperties.DetectRelatedProductsTask.InitTelemetryForExistingInstalls(ITelemetryModel telemetryModel, String applicationFolder, String productVersion, Boolean isPerUser, Boolean requiresSessionInitialization)\r\n   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.InstallationTasks.SetProperties.DetectRelatedProductsTask.ExecuteTask()\r\n   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.InstallationTasks.InstallationTaskBase.Execute()","CustomErrorCode":null},"InstallationId":null,"Name":"DesktopMsiInstaller.Error","Container":"RobotTelemetryContainer"}

Possible cause: Proxy is blocking your connection to Telemetry endpoint. Installer checks, can’t reach telemetry endpoint, returns null value causing MSI to fail.

Try these approaches:

  • Remove all the data from %TEMP% folder

  • Try the below commands:

msiexec /i "UiPathStudio.msi" /q ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Studio,Robot,Packages,RegisterService,ChromeExtension,EdgeExtension,ExcelAddin TELEMETRY_ENABLED=1 /l*vx "c:\temp\UiPathInstallLog.txt"


msiexec /i "UiPathStudio.msi" /q ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Studio,Robot,RegisterService,Packages,ChromeExtension,EdgeExtension,ExcelAddin TELEMETRY_ENABLED=0 /l*vx "c:\temp\UiPathInstallLog.txt" 

Let us know if this helped.

Unfortunately, same issue when I tried the two commands.
UiPathInstallLog.txt (227.0 KB)

Now you have a different error message:

Telemetry.DesktopMsiInstaller.End - Sent:False, Event:
{"Data":{"Message":"System.Exception: Cannot find DisplayVersion in Registry nor from the installed UiRobot.exe.\r\n   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.Domain.Configuration.Versioning.StudioVersionProvider.GetDisplayVersionByProductCode(String productCode)\r\n   at UiPath.Setup.Shared.Configuration.Versioning.VersionProvider.get_InstalledVersionInfo()\r\n   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.InstallationTasks.SetProperties.InitPropertiesUpgradeTask.ExecuteTask()\r\n   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.InstallationTasks.InstallationCriticalTask.Execute()","CustomErrorCode":null,"Result":"Failure","Version":null},"InstallationId":null,"Name":"DesktopMsiInstaller.End","Container":"RobotTelemetryContainer"}
MSI (s) (00!14) [13:42:03:192]: Closing MSIHANDLE (93) of type 790531 for thread 2580
InitPropertiesUpgradeTask failed with:
System.Exception: Cannot find DisplayVersion in Registry nor from the installed UiRobot.exe.
   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.Domain.Configuration.Versioning.StudioVersionProvider.GetDisplayVersionByProductCode(String productCode)
   at UiPath.Setup.Shared.Configuration.Versioning.VersionProvider.get_InstalledVersionInfo()
   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.InstallationTasks.SetProperties.InitPropertiesUpgradeTask.ExecuteTask()
   at UiPath.Studio.Setup.InstallationTasks.InstallationCriticalTask.Execute()

It looks like the previous uninstall didn’t fully clean the previous version. You can check the uninstall log - it can be found in the %TEMP% folder, with the format MSI*****.log from the uninstall time.

After checking the uninstall logs, perform a machine restart and retry the

msiexec /i "UiPathStudio.msi" /q ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Studio,Robot,RegisterService,Packages,ChromeExtension,EdgeExtension,ExcelAddin TELEMETRY_ENABLED=0 /l*vx "c:\temp\UiPathInstallLog.txt"


Seem errors are gone but still unbale to install for some reason its not installing. Logs shows no error and is very short.
UiPathInstallLog.txt (4.9 KB)


Do we have any luck on this?

We are also trying to install UiPath on Citizen Developer machines via SCCM silent install. We can’t get this to work and have been working with UiPath support on the issue for 2 months. Any recommendations or solutions you find would be very useful to us as well.

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I tried everything in this post to get the community edition installed on over 40 machines. The MSI is simply not working from within SCCM, even on a freshly imaged machine. We would love to introduce 40+ students to this product, but we won’t be able to if we cannot automate deployments of your software!

We are not supporting SCCM. In this case, stick to what we are supporting: Command Line Parameters


For anyone who will find this forum and may be stuck on the same way I am stuck, I have raised a call to Microsoft and we have worked on this for hours without success. Microsoft then reviewed the msi and found out that the msi is not supporting system-based installation but only user-based installation. Meaning, any user that will install this will need to install it themselves and given that they have admin access!! In which in our org, is not the case since we don’t give our end-users admin access (for obvious reason). Hence, we can safely say that this MSI is not suitable for SCCM packaging. We, as admins (with the help of Service Desk), would need to install it to their machines individually… we have 20+ users I think that will be needing this app and more to come in the future… Not sure how many on you guys… May the odds be on your favor :smiley:

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Hi @timothy.martinez,
As @marian.platonov our main directions were not strictly routed towards the SCCM. However, it doesn’t mean we are not interested in this kind of solution. We are listening to our users and we are really glad that you gave us this feedback. What is more important, we learned the lesson, and in the upcoming release, we pushed some features and changes that should fix the problem with the installation through SCCM. You can test it even now as this is a part of the Community Preview channel release.

Thank you so much for your response. We are looking forward for the resolution of this :slight_smile:

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We’ve downloaded UIPathStudio.msi v2021.10.4 which is installs fine in user account but not in SCCM command line. I’ve followed the some solution provided in the page but still the same issue.

@timothy.martinez - Is the issue resolved for you with latest version ?

Thank you.

Try to install UiPath Studio 2022.10.3

It seems that this bug was fixed: “Installations didn’t complete successfully when performed in mass deployments through SCCM.

Reference: 2022.10.3