Scanner pdf and word files for Personal information

I have a question.
I’m relatively new to UiPath and studiox.

I’m working on a project and I need help with it.

I want to make a scanner to scan trough pdf and word files in a folder and extract personal information out of them.
for example : email/phone number/bank details etc. Iknow how to use regex so don’t worry XD.

But how do I make it so the user can choose a folder and then let the bot loop through all the files and export the information into Excel with the names of the files for the sheets. and also save the excel file. in the folder with all the files.


  1. Use a input dialogue box which will get the input from user…or you can use browser file/folder activity as well
  2. Use for each file in folder activity to loop through each file…
  3. Use a datatable to save the data when extracted and at the end of extraction use a write range


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