Scandic letters don't work in Uipath despite working in other applications

Hi all,

I wonder, if anyone has faced this sort of a problem before. I have an input file that is a csv and has Scandic letters like “ä” and “ö”. I managed to get Uipath to (mostly) read them right by first opening the csv files in notepad and then storing them in ANSI-format.
This makes the Scandic letters work in the other applications (Excel, notepad) and generally in Uipath. However there is one file, where the scandics are always broken when read with Uipath.

In the other apps the value that is being read from this file is “lisä”, but uipath always reads it as “lis�”. I tried forcing the scandics to their proper form with String.replace(“=E4”,“ä”), but it doesn’t seem to be working.

The workstation’s language setting is Finnish.

Any ideas? It might be something to do with the original file, but I would welcome any hints or tips.

You need to change the encoding of the text to get the actual value @RPA_tester

here is the reference post for the same


Use ISO-8859-15 for Finnish for better support and also for Euro symbol support.