Scaling up Robots

Hi all,

What are the best practices that should follow if a client is planning to scale-up a robot in future?


Hi @Asiri

For scaling up a robot, is basically a requirement when the client request to cut of the time for execution and move the back-logs from the execution tray!!!

I found an article on community blog, give it a read… Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Shubham,

What does “moving the back-logs from the execution tray” mean?

Pending task and how much faster if we add more bots!!!

Thanks Shubham,

The article was so helpful.Are there any other technical design changes like store configuration values in SQL DB or Licencing aspects to scaling?

hi @Asiri

I don’t think so, but while assigning the processes via orchestrator you will need to assign all the new robots added to pick up the new processes.