Say goodbye to Gallery, say hello to Go! public feed!

Say goodbye to Gallery, say hello to Go! public feed!


The un-listing date of old community components which were not migrated by their authors to Go! was extended to the 19th of April.

You can check the list of packages and versions targeted for un-listing below:

Click this arrow to display full list of components that will be un-listed after 19th of April
Component Version
Alphabet.Workflow.Activities 1.7.0 and older
AtrimalActivitiesPack 1.0.25
Baidu.VatInvoice.Ocr.Activities 1.0.4 and older
BalaReva.Access.Activities 2.0.0 and older
BalaReva.CamiCat.Activities 1.0.2 and older
BalaReva.DataTable.Activities 1.1 and older
BalaReva.Excel.Activities 17.0.0 and older
BalaReva.Externals.Activities 4.0.3 and older
BalaReva.PDF.Activities 2.0.1 and older
BalaReva.PowerPoint.Activities 2.0.1 and older
BI.Math.Activities 1.0.0
ColorDetectorActivities 1.0.3 and older
Connector.Salesforce.Activities 1.1.0 and older
Custom.Activities.VariableComparer 2.1.6 and older
DH.GitHub.Activities and older
DH.ServiceNow.Activities and older
DH.WindowsXT.Activities and older
Enate.Workflow.Activities 7.0.11
Excel_Extensions 1.0.17 and older
ExcelActivities 1.0.0
FormatDoubleIntegerActivities 2.0.0 and older
GetFileList.Activities 1.0.0
GetLatestFileActivities 1.0.0
Handle_Popup 1.0.6739.28949
Honoka.JapanLocale.Activities 1.0.1
Honoka.SmallArticle.Activities 1.0.1
ini-parser 2.5.2 and older
Intetics.Graph.Activities 1.0.0
IPStatusActivities 1.0.0
KiewitKBS 1.1.0 and older
Newgen.iBPS.Activities 1.0.0
OutlookActivities 1.1.1 and older
Password_Generator.Activities 5.0.0 and older
PDFSplitsPackageActivities 1.1.0
PingHostActivity 1.0.2
QRCode 1.0.0
RBanda.RecordingScope.Activities 1.0.8
RBanda.TestReportGenerator.Activities 1.4.1
SalesforceAPI.Designer and older
SalesforceAPI_ToolkitBETA and older
SB.Image.Activities 1.0.1
SB.OutlookMail.Activities 1.0.0
SB.WordTable.Activities 1.0.3 and older
SharePoint 1.0.4
SmartLogActivities 1.0.0
SQLiteDatabaseForUiPath 1.0.0
Symphony.Activities.Extension.SyForms and older
TemplateEngine 1.0.14
TextComparison.Activities.Design 1.8.0 and older
UpdateLinksExcel.Activities 1.0.1
VaidotasKumza.PdfSharp.Activities and older
VLookUpPackageActivities 1.0.0
VVaidya.AutoCloseMessageBox.Activities 1.0.4
VVaidya.DatatableToHTML.Activities 2.1.0
VVaidya.MoveDirectory.Activities 1.0.0
VVaidya.TextToSpeechActivities 1.0.0
Weissenberg.DataTable.Activities 1.0.2
Weissenberg.Mail.Activities 1.0.1 and older

Once that happens, the un-listed components will not appear in the feed anymore.

We advise all users to amend any workflow/projects that have these components as dependencies and plan to deploy beyond the cut-over point, because they will not function if the component is not stored locally.

As posted a while back on the site, “Gallery is moving to Go!:tada: :tada:

The time has now come, and we will be discontinuing some of the Gallery features on March 31st.

We are grateful for your contributions to our community via the package(s) you have posted on our UiPath Gallery. We hope you have already joined us on the next chapter, UiPath Go!, the one-stop shop for RPA Components.

:question: What will happen now? :question:

We will unlist the packages currently published in the Gallery feed and you will no longer be able to add nor publish packages from/to the old feed. Old projects referencing those packages will still work.

We will continue to monitor the usage of these hidden, old packages and when they will no longer generate activity we will eventually retire them completely. We are trying to keep the impact to a minimum and we want to remind all our users that most of these Gallery components were already published on UiPath Go!.

After all old packages are unlisted, the Gallery studio feed will be populated with all the Custom Activities currently published in Go! and moving forward any future Custom Activity submissions. This way the content from Go! will be even more accessible and easier to use. You can read more about it here.

:watch: When will it happen? :watch:

The new Go! public feed will be available in the next release of the Studio CE 19.4 on April 22nd!

We thank you for the love and support shown so far towards our products and we hope that this feature will further enable your RPA journey :robot:


That’s a great transition. Welcome to “Go”. :slight_smile:


Expected but very soon…
Awesome UiPath Team.


Goodbye UiPath Gallery :wave: Hello UiPath Go! :star_struck:


Just a small clarification: by “Gallery” we mean the “Community” labeled feed under Manage Package Sources, which was hosted at Starting with 19.4, this will be labeled Go! which will give you access to all the Go!odies. If you switch to the beta channel you will soon see this update live.


That’s a huge leap, UiPath Go is more sleek compared to the former. :heart_eyes: :tada:


Great Go! Way to Go! :blue_heart:

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Nice! some of the filters dont seem to work properly tho.
Ill browse around!

OK. Can someone please give me a link to the Beta download ? Thanks

Hi @Genius

See here for a guide on how to activate the Beta version of Studio :slight_smile:

Thanks. When you say here d’you mean here or here or here ?

I didn’t update the link, see now :slight_smile:

Thanks. When I click the radio button Beta is something supposed to happen as the UI just sits there. I left it 5 mins and re-opened the app and nothing had changed

Actually forget it. I think in fact the whole shambles mess that is UIPath is a ***** April fool’s joke.

The site, instructions and forum are a complete and utter mess

I’ll use some other software.



Sorry to hear that your experience with the UiPath channels are not too good :frowning:

Just answering your question: You will not see so much difference when you change to Beta. The main difference is about some features inside UiPath platform (activities, frameworks, etc).

Any more questions about the platform, academy or documents? Or something I may help you direclty?

Hope to help you to get a better experience!


The standard one doesn’t work as the Chrome extension installation does not work. And nobody can give me a straightforward answer to my previous questions.
All I wanted to do was install a piece of software that worked as it was designed rather than hop around a forum looking for anyone who knew what they were talking about.
This forum doesn’t appear to be peopled by those who can give me answers. The site is ridiculous as is the forum. It’s confused and a complete shambles. Someone with some sense needs to come along here and clean the whole mess up.

What about you tell me what exactly are you trying to do? Just complain about the site and the Forum without giving relevant informations doesn’t help at all :smiley:

Send me a private message with all that you need and I’ll answer back to you asap.


Hi @Genius

Welcome to our UiPath Forum!

I have answered your original topic, I hope it helps.
Let us know if you encounter more issues. There is always a solution and we’re here to help each other :slight_smile:

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No you didn’t answer my question