Saving to Adobe PDF - Print button in the way

Hi everyone,

I am printing a PDF with keystrokes from an Excel file. After I do the control P and Enter, the Save as Dialog box generally shows up, where I enter a variable as the name and save it off. Once in a while a popup that is named “Printing” gets in the way and unless I can bring the Save as button to the front any time I click the print dialog box the Excel file goes stale. Does anyone have a recommendation? I’ve tried activate window, attach window, delays, and nothing works!


Try using the Retry Scope to perform the next action. This will retry the action the number of times you define in the interval you define, and check for an element that should appear when you take the next action.

The Action section will contain your Click activity, and the Condition section will contain an Element Exists activity, which you will use to identify an element that will only appear after you’ve clicked on what you need to successfully. Remember to use SimulateClick wherever possible so you do not trigger the mouse to click on the box that pops up in the way.

@Anthony_Humphries - Thanks! It seems to work well, actually. I need to run some more tests to see if it consistently is bringing up the correct Save As window but all seems well even when the print box comes up first.