Saving pdf accessibility settings for proper scraping

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Just recently started to use UIpath. Already had a lot of struggle with reading pdf. Now all pdf settings seems to be okay, and I do use older Acrobat reader DC version (18).

Problem is when I try to get text from PDF, document is not readable (by that I mean it is just looks like a all page object, not breaking to smaller objects (per line, or per number, etc)), unless I change accessibility settings in Edit >> accessibility >> change reading options >> select Infer reading options from doc (recommended). And that I have to do every time I want to work with different document.

Is there a way I could save accessibility settings in pdf so that I would open pdf files with “Infer reading options from doc (recommended)”. Or maybe there is a way with UIpath to open document with that “Infer reading options from doc (recommended)” setting by default.
Or other workarounds? Maybe there are better pdf readers to use with uipath?

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If you are referring to Acrobat reader, saving the settings is probably not available with the free version, might be available with a licensed version.

However, you can do an uiautomation to change this setting everytime you open a PDF.

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Yes, struggled, but had to do automation on opening.