Saving formula in a DataTable while filtering with wizard

I am reading an excel fine that contains formulas. Then I use filter wizard to filter some rows according to some column elements. Then I write the dataTable in an other excel file. But formulas are not kept (only results are displayed). Is there a way to keep formulas by using the filter wizard ?
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yah usually when we read the excel with read range we will be getting only the value
while we can get the formulaes used in a excel and pass that to another excel with write cell activity
and to get the formulae we can use READ CELL FORMULA activity

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Good evening HIbaBee,

This may may not be the most elegant solution, but I believe it will fulfill your needs.

Are you able to add a column to your Excel table that contains a formula that will automatically calculate the range of the cell that you’d like to get the formula from?

For example, if the formula you want to read is in cell A2 and new column’s formula is in B2, the formula in B2 would be:

This way, once your datatable is filtered, you’ll still be able to use the “Read Cell Formula” activity suggested by @Palaniyappan to loop through your results and get the formula from each cell in the first column.