Saving file using HTTP request

Hi everyone, I realised that the HTTP Request activity does not allow me to save the file into the directory which I created using “Create Directory” activity. It will show an error message where access to the folder path is denied.
Does anyone have an idea on this issue? Thanks

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Hi @Jun_Wei

Could you provide a sample project and more information (Studio version, activity package version)?
It would help a lot to debug the issue.

I had trouble recreating it, see the below example that should work :slight_smile: (2.1 KB)

Hi, thanks for the fast reply. My studio version is 2018.3.2 community edition. Thanks. I could not see the activity below create directory.




Hi thanks for the info, manged to get it :smile:

Awesome :slight_smile: Happy to help.

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Hi, sorry to trouble you again. How can i insert the .pdf into the directory like this:
New directory + Now.ToString(“dd MMMM_yyyy”)? Thanks :grinning:

The ResourcePath is literally a full path to the file you want to download (including the filename).
Thus, you simply have to construct it like this:

"Directory" + Now.ToString(“dd MMMM_yyyy”) + "\yourFileName.pdf"

Paste this into the ResourcePath and it will save the file in the correct directory.


Thank you so much !! :grinning:

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