Saving Attachments


I’m trying to save these attachments in SAP. I click on both of those lines and click the export button. I need to tell the bot the number of times to click on Save. For example, there are two images, so the bot needs to click the save button twice.

One of the things I did before was extract structured data to identify row count and repeat the “Save” function = row.count. However, I’m using Citrix SAP so this function isn’t available on the remote device. Anyone has any alternate ideas?

Can you use computer vision activities, we can identify the number of labels detected, and save into a table, like extract table, and then count it, also you can click the first element then start downloading, then send tab hotkey or down hotkey to download the second, the idea is to wait until the robot fails by clicking the save button, and that’s the flag to know that the files to download ends

Hope it helps

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