Saving a docx file with multiple pages as several files


I have a document with several pages. I am using regex to find the first sentence of each page and hence identify where a new page begins (each page begins with the same sentance). I want to save each page as a new document. Can someone help me with this?


split_pages.xaml (11.0 KB)

Hi @anorden
After identifying each page , use can use ALT+F+E+P+A in Send hotkey activity and save each page with the name you want. Hope this helps.


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What does E key will do when we pass with Alt+F?
I couldn’t understand the approach properly, also i feel using the hot keys is not preferred as feasible solution.

please refer the below links: hope this helps too…

hi @megharajky
ALt+F - goes to info page in word
E- export
A - Creates PDF/XPS document


Okay, thanks.
I am using MS Word 2010, might be it differs based on versions :wink: