Saves attachments from subdirectory

I am trying to save attachments from a mail subdirectory.

When I set my Account to my mailadress, and Mailfolder to Inbox, then I am able to save all the attachments, BUT when I change the Mailfolder to a Subfolder, one under Mailfolderm, then I get the message that the specified folder does not exits.
Can anyone help med with what I must change?

Hi @mml

Can you try inputting


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Thank you for the answer, but that does not seem to help.
I have typed the input like in the picture. with my mailadress and the folderInput

The folder I am trying to access in my mail box looks like this:

I have my Inbox(indbakke)
then there is another folder called “archive” and in that folder is a folder called claas.

it is from Claas I am trying to get the mails with attachments

Hope this helps you, help me :slight_smile:

Hi @mml

Ok. Can you try Arkiv\Claas? :slight_smile:

This works. Thank you!

That’s great!
:smiley: Happy to help!

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