Save Workbook activity is saving by default to Documents folder

Hey there guys, currently I have created a template in excel. I use a Read CSV activity to read my csv input file, create it a datatable. Then i use the excel application scope activity to use a write range activity to the template, no file was created. Then i used the Save Workbook acitivity, right after the excel application scope and it saved the new file using the template as an .xlsx, that’s fine that’s what i want. But the Save Workbook activity saves by default to the Documents folder, is there any way or any other activity which i can use that will save to the project folder instead. Thanks in advance!


Just specify filename only without any folder path then it will save into current project folder path.

Hi @Russygrl

Try to change default save folder in your local Excel application.
File-Option-Save-default save folder

Whenever we want to create a output file either as excel or txt file first create a folder named Data or Temp in our project folder
—and while mentioning the filepath for a excel in Excel application scope Activity mention as

So that the excel file which is getting created will be created directly in the folder of our project folder itself

Cheers @Russygrl

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