Save values of each column as a variable


I would like to ask if its possible to save values of every column in a datatable as a variable to be used later.

Eg. I have a data table like below:
Code Name Amount
A11 ABC 500
B12 CDE 200

I would like to save the values as a variable so that i can input them in a system next time. eg. saving A11 and B12 as a variable ‘Code’.
I wanted to save each columns as a variable cause not all column inputs are required for future inputs.

If anyone has a more efficient way of doing this, feel free to propose as well.
Thank you!

Hi @inyourgravity,

Correct me if I am wrong.
You have the data table column name contain Code,Name,Amount, so there are 3 columns in the data table.

Using for each row you are Loop through the data table.
In side the for each you are assigning the code column value and doing some operation ??? And again you want to use the same variable for the next column value also.??

Arivu :slight_smile:


I don’t plan on using 'For each" to loop through the data table.
I just want to save the values of each column (A11, B12 for the Column ‘Code’; ABC, CDE for the column ‘Name’ and 500, 200 for the column ‘Amount’) in to variables.

Cause one of my future steps requires me to input related data into the system, the system will have fields for ‘Name’ and ‘Amount’ so I want to be able to write the values of those columns into the field.