Save two different columns to the same file


I have 100k url and this links in excel.
what I want to do, UiPath open the each link,
-take a screnshot
-extract text from screenshot with ocr text
-Finally save the textfile

I did the above parts.

But same time,
I want to save other columns in the same textfile.

please advice:(

Hey Ali,
in a loop where you open each link just get the values for those columns, you can use “Get row item” Activity. Save those values in a variable and simply append your text files with those values.
Hope it helps,

Thanks @esterba but I guess I wasn’t clear enough.

Actually I used get row item.

Finally I want to save same textfile but now separated file.

Maybe, The belowing screenshot tells better.

Sorry mate I am not catching up what is your goal.

before you start processing you can use add data column activity to data table you are looping, have one variable of the type int initialized to 0
once you succeed with screenshot and reading text increment the value of variable and assign that value to the cell(new col).

no problem @esterba.
explain again simply; excel has two columns.
For First column,

UiPath open the each link,
-take a screnshot
-extract text from screenshot with each ocr text
-Finally save the each textfile.

I did above parts.

For second column which id of links.
I want to collect the id of links and screenshot with each ocr text.
But now each file is saved separately


thanks @Divyashreem but can you have clearer please?

can you give me some more details? Thanks

So while you saving the txt file just put as input both of you variables like this -
variable1 + vbNewLine + variable2

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