Save subfolder name to variable

Hi all, I have a

Folder path C:\users\00001
In the folder are approximately 1000 subfolders with “process ID” names.

Example C:\users\00001\abcd-1234-efgh

I need to save the subfolder name to a variable to use it in the later process. But I don’t get it.

Can you help me here? The order of the subfolder processing is not restricted to something. I need all subfolder names one by one.

Thanks and best regards!


You can try as below to get all the folders in the path

  1. Declare a String variable let’s say as ListofFolders
  2. Use Assign activity and write as below
    ListofFolders = Directory.GetDirectories(“C:\users\00001”)
  3. Use For Each activity and change the TypeArgument to String in properties
  4. Inside For Each you can keep a write line message and write as Item.ToString which will give you the all the each directory it contains

Hope this may help you


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Hi Srini, thanks for ur help.

thats what i did… but didnt changed my “for each” to string … thanks a lot!


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Great, If you resolved your issue
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