Save Row to a Variable

I have a Datatable with column (“Name”) and this DT has, for example, 100 rows.

I need to save all column names in a Variable

therefore, I will carry out some negotiations with this information and in the end,

I want to use a Filter Data Table, use the variable with the names and exclude all the lines that have the names that I already used inside the DT

Requirement is not fully clear as it can be understood in many different directions. Some general Approaches

Getting a datatable with only 1 column Name and only the distinct names
dtDistinctName = YourOriginDataTable.DefaultView.ToTable(True, {"Name"})

Getting a string array with all distinct Names
arrNames =

YourOriginDataTable.AsEnumerable.Select(Function (x) x("Name").toString.Trim).Distinct().ToArray

Hi @Hendrix_Santos

Do u need to save the column names in a variable right ?

Hi @Hendrix_Santos ,
I think u can get the column name by this.
Set a variable i.e columnName with type String Array,
then use For Each Activity on DTName.Columns, and then set the columnName variable with the value from each Item.ToString