Save report


In img w.xlsm is my report name and I want to save in c drive\Report folder then how can i give path to save report in c drive\Report

Hello @yogitagaikwad2206 ,

Just give the full path as “C:\Report\w.xlsm” and hit on Save button.
That’ll do the work.


Hi @yogitagaikwad2206

Give the full path of the file name then you can store it in the cdrive\Reportfolder

Hi @yogitagaikwad2206

Use an use application/browser activity, attach the save window
then use a type into activity, map the File name fiel
in type into pass the path as “C:\Report\w.xlsm”
then click save button


Hi @yogitagaikwad2206
“C:\Report folder\w.xlsm”

My report save in date folder but not save in ExcelFiles folder Why?

May be because you missed a “\ backslash” after ExcelFiles.