Save Outlook Mail Message Removes Email Headers

Hi all,

I am applying the Save Outlook Mail Message activity to save designated email items, using the .msg file extension. The .msg file is saved as expected, but upon further investigation, it seems that header information has been stripped from the .msg file during the save process. Unfortunately, I can only use the .msg extension for this process, the .eml extension will not be accepted.

I did read an older Forum post stating that .msg was not supported by UiPath - is this still the case and is there a means to work around this?

I am able to produce the desired result (ie. email headers are not stripped) when saving the email manually, so we’ve applied surface automation as an interim solution, but not ideal for the long term.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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You can first save the msg in “.eml” format and then Convert the eml format to msg format using the following GO Component.

Hope this helps