Save Outlook mail and extract table in mail

Hi, all!
I want to achieve the following:

  1. filter Outlook email received from 9pm yesterday to 9pm today with key words in body
  2. save the filtered mail to a specific folder in msg format
  3. extract the table in mail (rows and columns are uncertain)
  4. set up a datatable match the first column of table extracted with the save path of extracted email
  5. combine all datatable together

My problems:

  1. I use if to filter key words in body, how to add receive time in as condition? I have tried to fill in the filter of get outlook mail messages, but it is not useful that nothing can be found
  2. When I use save mail message to save email to msg format, they cannot be opened. I also tried save to eml format, the content in the email are missing in eml format.
  3. When extracting table in mail, I tried to save email as html, however, most of the content are not natural language and it seems to be encoding error.
  4. How to match the first column in the table extracted with email saving path because there are several rows in the table but there is only one path?
  5. I use for each to loop the mails obtained from get outlook mail, how to write the datatable without overwrite the previous one?

Thx for your help!

Custom activity to extract tables from email: