SAVE MAIL MESSAGE: error with .msg extension

Hi I have a problem with the SAVE MAIL MESSAGE activity. I tried to save an email with the .msg extension but it doesn’t work.

How can I save an .msg?


Welcome back to our uipath community.

May I know what error are you getting here ? And also did you specified file name along with folder path to save the file or not ?

Could you please show me screenshot of what you provided in Save Mail Message activity. So that I can check and help you.

It saves the email with the correct extension, but it is impossible to open the email.

hi @gianluca.rossetti
try to save mail with .eml extention and let me know .
hpy learning… :grinning:

thanks, but i need to save the mail message with .msg extension because i have to attach it in a application system that needs only .msg extensions.

thank you

Hi, did you solve that?