Save mail message activity does not work with long titles

I have an issue with the save mail message activity. Here are my workflows.

I have tried using get outlook messages and get IMAP messages to retrieve an email. Within the email that I sent to myself are files that have long titles. I pass the email to a save mail message activity to save the mail onto my desktop.

The mail messages were both save in .eml format and the file types are inclusive of jpg, docx, pdf and pptx among other file types.

The mail is saved successfully but the attachments have issues. When I retrieved the mail using IMAP, the files are renamed to “untitled attachment…” only. When I retrieved the mail using outlook, the PDFs were renamed to “untitled attachment…” but they also got converted to .dat files.

I’m looking to save the mail message where the attachments will have the right name and format.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hello @lightshade,

could you please attach your workflow?


Here are the simplified workflows I used when I was testing this issue.

Main.xaml (8.6 KB)

Hi @lightshade

I have made small changes in the workflow. Hopefully it should now.

Since you are using a for each , you assigning the list of mail message to item which will take mail one after the other so you should placing item in the mail message field of save mail message…
Below is the changed workflow.Main
(8.8 KB)

Hope it was helpful.

I understand the changes to the code. Thanks!

Unfortunately, the problem remains unsolved. The files with long titles which are downloaded using “save mail message” activity are still being saved as untitled documents with some numbers behind them.

Here is an image of how they look like.

My bad. Is it possible to share the name of the files so that I try to replicate the issue in my side and try to solve it.


This is a sample of the file I used in the tests. The other files had names in a very similar manner but were in different file formats.

20180508_Everest_Unpacking the Evolving RPA Market and Software Offerings-Insights from our RPA PEAK MatrixT Assessment (1)

Could you check by using save attachment activity to save the attachments in the mail.


Hi Niveditha,

I’ve tried the workflow by starting with “get outlook messages” and “get IMAP messages” activities. They both failed to save any of the attachments.

Are you able to recreate the issue?

Hi @lightshade

I tried recreating the issue. Can you try with this workflow.
mail.xaml (6.5 KB)

Hi @NivedithaK

The issue is still the same unfortunately. The attachments within the mail are still labelled untitled. The attachments which are downloaded are fine.

Hi @lightshade

Could please tell me the version of the studio your using…

I am using UiPath Studio 2018.2.0, Enterprise edition. My computer is running Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit .NET 4.0.30319.42000

Please do let me know if more information is required. Thanks for the help so far!

i have the same issue. are there any solutions for this issue?