Save mail attachments in different folder

the attachment i save from mail dwnload in same folder i need to be save in different folders any suggestions?

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You can use the Move File activity to move your saved attachment to a different folder. The Create Directory activity can be used to make the folder before you move the file.

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thankyou !!i try with it .

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i have 2 same type of csv file where i need to separate them to different appropriate folder.used nested if condition

you can define this under “folderPath”. this should take care of saving your attachments to the specified path.


Or, are you looking for something different?

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If you need to have different folder for each attachment, try appending email subject to the FolderPath and save. It will take care of creating new folder(if not exists) and then saves email attachment.

Here am having three types of attachment like pdf, csv and csv.
These three files are getting based on subject, how to save these attachment to specified path.

check if this helps.
saveattachments.xaml (6.0 KB)

I tested with each email having 3 attachements(jpg, xls and pdf). All 3(jpg, xls and pdf) gets saved to a same folder under “D:\Mails”(further folder name will be same as email subject).
if you have multiple emails having attachments, different folders will be created based on the subject and attachments will be saved to the corresponding folder.

how to pass variable as a subject in condition for saving in different folders.
thankyou for your reply!

Create variable- FolderName- Contains Mail.subject is added to the folder path “D:\Mails”
Pass that “folderName” variable to “Save Attachment” acitivity’s “FolderPath”.
Refer to above XAML attachment. That has this logic included.


Did this help?

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yes! thank you for your kind reply…

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