Save Image in Do While loop results in each image smaller than before


Bot Details: Bot reads an excel sheet and ‘For Each Row’ it searches data from the ‘Account URL’ column. I open facebook and search the URL provided from excel. I create a folder specifically for that search. In a ‘Do While’ loop I take screenshots and save the images in the folder just created and continue to add the screenshots taken until the search is complete. The search is considered complete when an element is found at the bottom of the facebook page.

The attached image shows what the saved images look like. They get smaller after the first 1 or 2 saved images.

Please help me with the save image sizes so each image is clearly visible and consistent.

Thank you!

Are you using the Take Screenshot activity? It shouldn’t continually shrink the files unless you have some image compression setting involved.

Exactly, that’s whats confusing. I am using Take Screenshot activity and am not using image compression settings. Where would those settings be?

If the workflow is capturing all of the images on the screen, your process is likely capturing each stored image file on the site. Some websites store multiple sizes of images for resizing, zooming in, etc. You’ll need to fine-tune your selectors and/or process to be more specific if you want to not get this data as well.