Save for later Option

I am following this video UiPath Academy

Save for later use is not showing for me

my window - not showing

Did you press the respective plus button?

yes, I did only open in advanced editor option showing.

If you press that button, it needs to be displayed:

Studio 2021.10.7

Not sure if that’s an answer but the tutorial is for Studio X, while you’re using studio.
Studio X is a simplified product to be used by business/non technical personel.
I guess that’s the reason why you cannot see this option.
You can try creating a variable insead by clicking “Ctrl + k”, writing variable name and pressing “Enter”

I think is a Studio version limitation (in your case 2021.10.7) as in 2022.10.x we introduced a lot of new designs for our activities.

Reference: 2022.10.3

Try the latest Studio version 2022.10.4 and in your project use the UiPath.System.Activities 22.10.4

Still, I didn’t get that option sir.

Kindly note: as mentioned by Hubert: your screenshot is showing Studio but your request was for StudioX / StudioX Tutorial. So it is recommended at first to resolve / decide on which edition you want to work.

For studio: you would create a new variable (variable panel, STRG + K).

There are also training courses for Studio available in the UiPath Academy

Open StudioX and go to Home and provide a screenshot as displayed below to see the version.


Got it sir.
Thank you.

actually, I’m following skill-a-thon program.
in that guide studio mentioned but in academy video studioX

Thank you!

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