Save Files of certain Outlook clients in different folders from an specific date

Hello Forum,

I need help in making an automation to be able to save all the files of certain clients in different folders by mail.

For example, I have 50 emails from different clients. I want to be able to save all files from different clients in different folders for each client depending on their email.

I have an excel with the emails of 50 clients and the name that I want for each folder for each client.

  1. Every day I receive different emails from different clients with attachments.
  2. I want to create automation where I can save the attached files of each client from a certain date to another (for example from the last 7 days)
  3. The best thing would be to be able to save all the attached files sent by the client in a folder for each client (For example, one for Paul Towner of everything he sent in the last 7 days, another for Bruno Vera of everything he sent in the last 7 days)+
    I am going to attach the process that I carry out so that you can get an idea

InputEmail.xlsx (9.5 KB)