Save File with Value From Data Scraped Table

I am trying to iterate through a list of reports in a report viewer platform and save each report to another location. The reports each need to be saved as the titles they are given on the main view. I’ve tried using ‘Get Text’, but that has you indicate the text to get instead of grabbing the text for the report the bot has clicked on (currently, it goes to the first report on the list, completes the process, and hits the down arrow to get to the next report, which repeats the process). I’ve also tried using data extraction, but not sure how to iterate through the table to pull out the name for when the process saves the report. Any ideas?

What is the action needed for saving each report? If you do the automation for one of those, most certainly it will be easy for creating a way to repeat it for all lines…

It’s still a work in progress, but currently the end user selects the first report in the list and the bot hits enter to open the report. Within the report, it has to save it by selecting ‘print’ and selecting a few options such as name and location. The report is then closed and the down arrow is used to get to the next report where the process repeats. The problem is the name given when saving - it needs to be the name of the original report.

Using get text on the name column on the first row, gives you what selector?