Save file name from excel value


I have data from excel that I need to input into a web form to search a database. The results I then “save as” to a local folder, but the file name needs to be one of the values that is in the excel row.

Example: 12345, John, Smith,

In this case I am searching for John Smith and the resulting file that I am saving should be 12345.csv.

Is it possible to name the file a value that is listed in the row that is being searched?

Thanks for the help!

Did you try using read cell and give the value to a variable?

You can use LookUp Range For searching name in excel sheet
Once you find that name output will give you Cell No say B23
Then u can use Cell A23 as your file name for saving

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In StudioX, something like this maybe:

  1. Iterate through each user row
  2. Use “Sheet2” as a temp sheet to fetch the data from the webform search, so make sure it is empty
  3. Fetch the data for current user
  4. Export the sheet under the desired name. Use the “Text” option from the dropdown to build your local path with the desired format