Save & Exit is disabled in citrix recording in uipath

Hi Everyone,

Using version : 2018.2.4 and 2018.4.0

Save & Exit is disabled in while doing the citrix recording in uipath?
manually i tried click image and type into activity also but no use(not capturing the element).
i removed Ui path software in vm also.
could please let us know if any one knows the answer.

Thanks in advance,
Srinivasulu A

Hi @SrinivasuluA

As well explained during our Academy training (which I highly recommend), the Citrix automation has to be guided “by hand”. You have to manually click possible recording options and select parts of the screen to perform the action. The Save & Exit button will become available after you indicated at least one action in the recording :slight_smile:

HI @maciej,

thanks for reply.

I tried with manual recording also no data was capturing ( when i am using click text or type into activity the Indicate screen nothing happens).

Srinivasulu A

It should work, weird.

Could you try once again like this:

  1. Click Citrix Recorder
  2. Click Click Image and drag on the part of your desktop
  3. Click OK in that window
  4. The Save & Exit should no longer be grey: