Save excel to pdf

i want to convert excel to pdf kindly assistexceltopdf2.xlsx (7.8 KB) emphasized text

Install the below package to convert excel to pdf…


Install excel to pdf activity from manage package …

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Check this below link, this may help you.


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You can do it in Excel features itself, just open the excel using Excel Application scope,
then send hotkey as F12 by attaching the excel window.

Then you can do it there as shown and highlighted in the image below.

thank you for the solution

do i use the send hotkey triggers and tab but failing to select the PDF can you assist



Excel_SaveAs_PDF.xaml (46.5 KB)

Check with this xaml, you need to pass argument correctly to work with.

Here is an activity to export the excel file to PDF AND XPS …



Does the input file and output file require a full path? It didn’t work when I only provided a partial path, but it worked when the full path was provided.


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Yes. You have to provide the full path…

Thank you

Very useful ! thank you !!!

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