Save excel file in the same location as xaml file

Dear Experts,

I’m working on SAP and I would like to export the table to excel by using Spreadsheet (Ctrl+Shift+F7) function.

The problem is, I would like to always set the location to the same folder that my .xaml file which I use it to run RPA exists.

Is there any other option or any trick for doing this. there are a lot of table and I’m still new.

Thank you so much for your help.

Hai @Somboon_Olanvech,

i could not get your issue clearly more over on overview of your issue i like to suggest you that use Condition Statement.,


Hi @Aravind

Thank you so much for your respond and sorry for not giving you a clearing explanation.

Since i want to use “Read range” activity for the saved table excel file generated from SAP. i think it would be easier to keep in the same location as .xaml file which I create and use to run the robot.

For the condition statement you suggested, could you please share me the example of that one, i am sorry since i have no clue from what you advice, trying to learn from academy.uipath now but still in the beginning. since I switch between doing and learning process.

Thank you so much for your help.


By default the activities access the files that are next to them in the same folder.

So for read range activity, you only specify the file name “filename.xlsx”, without the full path.
It will then read the file that is in the same folder as the .xaml file.

Hi @loginerror

Thank you so much for your respond, that is what I think, so I would like to let the robot specific the save path of the excel file to be the same as location of .xaml file, then the read range activity will work properly.

Is there such a way doing that with Uipath.

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Hai @Somboon_Olanvech,

let you make a path where the file wants to save the excel file not only on the location of .xaml file. Also, specify the excel with the path on read range activity make sure name of the excel file must be same for saving and for reading.,



you could do like below:

as you can see there is no path there. it’s mean as your expectation.